PL-901 : C++ Programming - Level 1

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The ANSI-C++ standard acceptation as an international standard is relatively recent. It was first published in November 1997, and revised in 2003.
Nevertheless, the C++ language exists from a long time before (1980s).
Therefore there are many compilers which do not support all the new capabilities included in ANSI-C++, especially those released prior to the publication of the standard.

Course Objectives
  • Demonstrate ability to develop and write useful C++ code.
  • Successfully manage to use C++ statements, data type, operators, control Structures, functions, and arrays.
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محتوى البرنامج التدريبي

Introduction Basics of C++
  • Structure of a program
    • Comments
  • Variables. Data Types
    • Identifiers
    • Fundamental data types
    • Declaration of variables
    • Scope of variables
    • Initialization of variables
    • Introduction to strings
  • Constants
    • Literals
    • Integer Numerals
    • Floating Point Numbers
    • Character and string literals
    • Boolean literals
    • Defined constants (#define)
    • Declared constants (const)
  • Operators
    • Assignment
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Compound assignment
    • Increase and decrease
    • Relational and equality operators
    • Logical operators
    • Conditional operator
    • Comma operator
    • Bitwise Operators
    • Explicit type casting operator
    • sizeof()
    • Other operators
    • Precedence of operators
  • Basic Input/Output
    • Standard Output
    • Standard Input
    • cin and strings
    • stringstream
Control Structures
  • Conditional structure: if and else
    • Iteration structures (loops)
    • The while loop
    • The do-while loop
    • The for loop
  • Jump statements
    • The break statement
    • The continue statement
    • The goto statement
    • The exit function
  • The selective structure: switch
  • Functions (I)
    • Functions with no type. The use of void
  • Functions (II)
    • Arguments passed by value and by reference
    • Default values in parameters
    • Overloaded functions.
    • inline functions
    • Recursivity
    • Declaring functions
Compound data types
  • Arrays
    • Initializing arrays
    • Accessing the values of an array.
    • Multidimensional arrays
    • Arrays as parameters
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اهتمامات الحضور

Anybody who has the need to write programs in the C++ language including students at computer science and communication department, programmers, engineers, or other technical support personnel will benefit from this course.

المتطلبات السابقه

General knowledge for operating system, and binary system

المسمى الوظيفي

After this course, you can work as a C++ developer at software companies

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اسلام حسن
مهندس اتصالات ومدرب C/C++

بدأ اسلام حياته المهنيه منذ 7 سنوات كمهندس برمجيات باستخدام لغة C/C++, وخلال تلك السنوات قام بتطوير العديد من الانظمة مثل مكتبة الضغط IHCA, وبروتوكول VPCOIP لاستخدامه لربط الاجهزه الطرفيه عن بعد بالاجهزه الافتراضيه, ونظام GUI-RDP كواجهة ربط مع بروتوكولات دعم الاتصال بسطح المكتب البعيد, وقد تم اعتماد تلك المشروعات بواسطة Itida , حصل اسلام ايضا على العديد من الاعتمادات في انظمة الشبكات من Cisco و VMWare.

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